Starting a New Bountiful Baskets Site

Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op is completely volunteer run.  Every site has been started by a volunteer who wanted Bountiful Baskets available in their community.

We’re so glad that you are interested in starting a site in your area! Having healthy food at affordable cost is so valuable in our communities. We just had a Volunteer Site Coordinator get together down in Arizona and when we were talking everyone expressed how much they enjoy helping other families.

It’s about 2 to 4 hours of work for each co-op distribution.

Here is a To Do List for starting a site:
1. Participate at an existing site and arrive at the volunteer time as listed in Locations and talk with the volunteer site coordinator about starting a site and mentoring with them! Help as much as you can and stay as long as the coordinator stays.
2. Look for a physical location that you can use. If you live in a snowy area find something that will work year round. Think about schools and businesses as well as space maintained by clubs or organizations!
3. Start finding other people who can help you with this. It’s best to start a site with a Backup as well as yourself!  Many hands make for light work! Never fear though, you will have participants who come early to help from your very first distribution.

Sally & Tanya